Leverage the talents of your HR team by ramping-up their strategic skills

According to a Roundtable research study, “Does HR need to be more strategic?”, HR professionals today feel stuck between a rock and a hard place; they are expected to be experts and drive results, yet their conversations about long-term strategy too often seem to die on the vine.

People are the core of any business, yet HR is still viewed by many as a mandatory function instead of a driver of success. How can HR professionals change this outdated view and kick start strategic conversations about ‘people’ with a long view for the organisation?

HR professionals are asking themselves how they can better connect with business leaders

In an interactive, hands-on workshop setting, we will teach you how to leverage your unique HR skill set and perspective to add the value you’re meant to add. Supporting you as agents of change, champions of people, change management and execution experts, facilitators and objective sounding boards to business partners.

HR MasterClass Testimonials
“Employers are expecting HR practitioners to be experts in all areas of HR and business management, however HR is still seen as a cost rather than a value add”
“…how do we initiate/influence real strategic conversations when executive are focused on short term results?”
“It gave me the skills to adapt strategic thinking into my everyday problems and then align HR strategies with Company strategies.”
“Excellent overview of the way that strategy development is normally done, with zeroing in on specific/most-impactful aspects and giving practical tools to help with each of those aspects.”
“…sharp and effective.”

We share our many years of experience working with clients in both HR and strategy:

  • Strategic acumen – understand essential best practice and strategic frameworks.  Learn how add value with strategic conversations with business partners.
  • Strategic behaviours – how do you leverage the capabilities that have served you so well in HR and be able to ‘lead by example’ of the strategic business conversation?   More than just ‘knowing’ strategy, we need to be able to ‘do’ strategy.
  • Gain the confidence you need to put this into action by developing your mindset
  • Apply strategy to your own HR function and team, walk the talk

We tailor the workshop to focus on specific outcomes you define. We can also integrate into a broader conference or strategy program.

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