“We spend almost half our awake time doing what we call ‘work.’  This matters. Let’s make work meaningful.”

Jennifer has spent the last two and a half decades in pursuit of understanding ‘why and how’ we create purpose in our work that is uniquely ours. She is intent on helping managers, leaders and business owners improve how they guide and inspire others to achieve high performance and results.

Bringing to the table more than 30 years of consulting and operational experience spanning five continents, Jennifer has a unique global perspective and ability to integrate diverse perspectives across functions and levels.  She is regarded as a perceptive facilitator, advisor and mentor by her clients, and has helped companies in 13 countries around the globe creatively chart new territory for the future without losing sight of the practical realities of today.

Jennifer began her consulting career in strategy with an emphasis on operational planning and strategy implementation in order to help her clients transform their vision and strategy into action.  She is an experienced Balanced Scorecard practitioner and one of the few consultants in Asia-Pacific to have worked directly with David Norton, co-creator of the method.

In 2000, Jennifer founded Roundtable in Australia with the aim to focus on the people and leadership perspective of high performance and strategy.  How to get strategy out of the boardroom and have it belong to every employee….seeking to answer the question, how do we need to connect as people to bring an inspirational vision to life and achieve remarkable results?

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“What you have done for our business, with our business is beyond measure…. You have made it your business to delve into ours, to challenge us (even when we might not like hearing it ) to how we all think and work and play, it has been an inspiration to me personally…”
Rob Willett
Co-Founder, One For All P/L
“She is a visionary problem solver who really energized me to tackle even the hardest problems.”
A. Linneman
Director & Owner

With a life-long love of learning herself, Jennifer researched and developed an indepth knowledge of tools and skills for high performance in different business industries and cultures.  She takes a holistic perspective, also incorporating best practice from sports psychology and an emphasis on mindfulness.

For nearly a decade, this has included a close collaboration with Cornerstone OnDemand.  This explores how technology can become a high value component of organisational learning.  Jennifer has advised dozens of successful implementations.

Jennifer is frequently commissioned to conduct qualitative customer and stakeholder research.  Partnering with the Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association, she created ground-breaking research on marketing in the professional services industry.  Jennifer then developed this into an Asia Pacific-wide education program.

Her work and articles have been featured in the Australian Financial Review several times, Professional Services Firms Journal, Law Society Journal and the Darden Graduate School of Management Case Study Collection.  She often presents her research and thought provoking ideas to audiences and is a Professional Member of Professional Speakers Australia and The Global Speakers Network.

She has made her home in Sydney since 1999 and is gradually working her way through the natural wonders of Australia with her husband, son and Freddo the dog.

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