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Wouldn’t it be really useful to hear it in their words?  Unfiltered, unedited by functional perspectives. A discussion about the value your customers or stakeholders would like you to deliver. 

Our clients frequently commission us to conduct qualitative customer and partner research studies. Distinct from brand or marketing research, we take a strategic angle and delve into different perspectives on ‘value.’  The focus is about how your client defines this, rather than you.

Value = {Product Attributes + Service + Relationship + Brand Promise}

Including an external (or internal) client view adds rigor to a process that cannot be replicated by internal analysis.

Customer Research Testimonials
“I have just finished reading the report in preparation of the CMO dinner tonight. I am so proud of everything this team of people has achieved as the executive team for APSMA over the past 2 years, but reading this report just highlights how genuinely spoilt APSMA is to have all of you so committed to making something a success.

You have all pulled together an outstanding report – we can all be very proud of this piece of work. From the concept of this research through to delivering the results I always knew that it would be a landmark study that will be welcomed by marketers and BD professionals everywhere – we did good!!!”
Cat Wirth
Chair Of Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Assn And Director, Clients & Marketing, Dla Phillips Fox
“Jennifer provided some excellent and very relevant content, based on the detailed survey she had completed for APSMA in the preceding months. She also posed some thought provoking questions to the audience and added an energy and enthusiasm to the event that we greatly appreciated. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her for similar events commissioned by similar bodies – the result will add real value to your operations and your member’s perceptions of their individual success in their chosen industry”
David Lennane
Board Member, Asia-pacific Professional Services Marketing Association
“As I have already mentioned to you, I think this is a thought provoking piece of research that should encourage everyone involved in professional firms to aim even higher.”
David Pleydell
Director Of Marketing & Business Development, Arnold Bloch Leibler
“In addition to the important insight we’ve gained about our clients and the effectiveness of our relationship with them, the recommendations have been very valuable to our strategic planning and have prompted several initiatives that have made substantial improvement to our business.

The consulting team exceeded our expectations with the quality of their work, and the way they handle the sometimes sensitive nature of working directly with our clients. What’s more, our clients have been impressed with both our proactive initiative in commissioning these reviews, and the professionalism in how they were conducted.”
Karl Schuster
President Asia Pacific, Carlson Marketing Group

Included within a broader project or as a stand-alone study.

  1. Tailored research framework – based on how you will use the information and why, work with you to determine who will be included in the study.  Create research questions specifically for you, using our arsenal of sample questions developed over 20 years.
  2. Qualitative interviews by phone, zoom, face-to-face – together we decide the most appropriate format, and also assist in the set-up communication to request participation and create appropriate context.
  3. Analyse & share results; define your action steps – we will glean ideas and insights from the conversations through an objective lense.  In an interactive workshop with you and your team, we’ll facilitate a thought-provoking discussion and help you distil learnings. Where the rubber meets the road, you’ll design a forward action plan.

Hearing from your clients can be the most powerful and motivating catalyst for change.

Not sure where to start in your work with us?  Customer value research is a great place to start.

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