Some twenty years ago, the Jennifers (long time colleagues Smokevitch & Rodriguez) sat around their own table outside of London (it was rectangular actually) and devised a cunning plan.

Making work meaningful began here. And we would tackle it from both hemispheres.  Jennifer Smokevitch from Sydney, Australia and Jennifer Rodriguez from London in the UK. 

We began to work with a trusted network of colleagues we developed over the years.  Long before ‘remote’ and ‘virtual’ teams were well understood, we were doing it.  Why?  Because it worked well, and it allowed us to bring the best and brightest ideas to our clients in a very nimble way.

Our Brains Trust includes go-to people from around the globe in the areas of entrepreneurship, personal high performance, future trends, performance management, digital strategy, learning and more.  We are very fortunate for their expertise and knowledge and get very excited to improve what we do with their input. 

Collaboration with Cornerstone OnDemand is an important contributor through their thought leadership of learning and technology to enable people in organisations.  We’ve worked with these good friends for many years, frequently co-presenting at conferences and collaborating on a masterclass series for HR leaders.

We do psychotherapy and coaching practice what we teach – be connected with talented leaders who challenge us, keep us on our game and ensure we bring the best to you.

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