Deliver high value HR tech to your business

Tool selected? Get it set-up so it does what you need it to do. Everyone getting value and benefit – managers, employees and HR alike.  Achieve all of this and you’ll be getting a great return on your investment.

This is one of the most visible, and hopefully impactful, projects HR can deliver!  Make sure you avoid the “scrap” technology trap. That’s when you just ‘get it up and running’ which is low value and wasted resource. It’s no good, yet happens more often than you’d think.

Getting it right and seeing all the opportunity of using a technology like this, there’s a lot to consider. You’re not alone if it feels daunting.

With a partnering and collaborative approach, we help our clients achieve outcomes rapidly and bring your system to life so that it improves how you work and adds value.

How? We are a different kind of HR consultant.  One who understands both the demands on HR and the general management world of managers and leaders.

Cornerstone Testimonials
“I have to say I am finding you, your company and the software a breath of fresh air. I had a failed implementation recently – and you, your company and software are doing everything they did not!!!”
Paula Lynch
Owner, Paulas Furniture
“We engaged Jennifer to support us with the implementation of our preferred online performance management system. Jennifer provided excellent consultancy support both at the strategic and operational level ensuring we were well equipped to launch the system. She is very knowledgeable and provides pragmatic solutions in a personable manner. I would have no hesitations in recommending Jennifer for future projects.”
Ilker Uysal
HR Manager, Cedar Woods Properties Limited
“Jennifer made the whole process very stress-free combining her wonderful coaching style with no question is too small or big to answer. I appreciated alternate options on how we can make the system hum from a user perspective and how best to cater for the needs of the company. I have learnt so much …I would recommended her to anyone and she is makes a great contribution to the reputation of the Cornerstone GE product and services.”
Sonja Butcher
CGL Workforce Manager, CGL Shared Services, The Citadel Group Limited

Offering advice, coaching, project management, and content implementation, we’ll bring you best practice performance, learning and change management process, expertly matched to your organisation’s needs.

  1. As Cornerstone’s Premier Implementation Partner for PiiQ in Asia Pacific we offer – Standard (12 hr) and Get Me Started (6 hrs) Packages – delivered via webinar and phone to assist in setting up the system to best match your process, or help you re-imagine a better way to work.  Templates to guide you.  Fast track your set-up through our expert advice and coaching. An on-site option is available.
  2. Define Business & Strategic Requirements – for your performance or learning system.  Know upfront what you are looking for, in enough detail so that it’s easier to find the “right” system.  We can engage key stakeholders, working collaboratively with you – to gain executive buy-in and set the scene for quicker, more informed internal approval. 
  3. Training & Change Management – We take the Goldilocks approach, not too much, not too little, just the right amount.  You have one chance only to make a first impression and demonstrate a high value HR initiative. We will help you achieve excellent adoption (a techie term) by users. Simply, that means managers and employees saying, “this is great – I’ll use this!”
  4. Implementation Support for Cornerstone Performance & Learning Suite – working collaboratively with certified implementation consultants, we add robust business and HR best practice expertise to the team.  As project manager, we can also help ensure quality outcomes are delivered on-time.  Our focus is on the right set-up for your organizations, more quickly, while maximizing how your valuable time is used.
  5. Board and Top Team Updates – strategic updates on progress to the ultimate sponsors are critical.  We can prepare the presentation and information, and if required, coach or assist you in presenting this.

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