Individual coaching for managers – leader skills to rapidly improve team results

The best athletes never stop training, even at the highest levels. Too often, middle and senior managers are too busy to develop their own skills. Available time is put to working in the business, to the neglect of working on the business. It feels like there is no time to invest in themselves as professionals. Our practical yet thought-provoking approach will turn that around.

It’s simple, our clients tell us, when you consistently practice the manager and leader fundamentals that matter most, you create more time, get and stay ahead of the curve. You accelerate results.

Our forte is helping our clients find that little bit that can make a big difference as a leader. We tap an entrepreneurial leader skill set that we’ve used working with our most successful high-growth  clients over many years. We suspect that you know, as do we from our work and research – the best results, quickest results come from working on ourselves.  

We focus on helping you leverage and supplement your years of experience and existing skill and then apply it with your team. Learning coupled with application. This means support with practical and useful techniques, skills and tools.

Service Testimonial Slider
“Working with Roundtable Consulting has meant that we now have a clear strategy for the Asia Pacific business of where we are headed and how we will get there. My leadership team is extremely committed to this journey, our employees are engaged, and the process has helped to bring about a significant shift in culture and performance.”
Graham Sowden
Sr Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific, Informatica
“I highly recommend Jennifer – she brings a strong process, great experience, and a style that really helps to get the best out of the management team and get their ownership into the plan.”
Rob Wells
Managing Director, Business Objects Australia/New Zealand
“You played a vital role in helping me to focus my attention and the attention of my Management Team on a new strategic direction…, providing us with the structure and guidance to confront the important business issues and develop a shared understanding of how best to move our business forward rapidly. ”
Chris Pennington
Managing Director, Intelligent Business Solutions
“Our regular progress meetings have been both informative and insightful and provided the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the project current status and goals. Highly recommended.”
Isabella Galati
Manager People & Culture, Harness Racing Victoria
“Jennifer provided invaluable assistance to get our people focused on the future and where the organisation was headed.”
Ian Martin
Ceo, Bt Financial Group
“Roundtable Consulting added strategic advice on how we could better align our sales and marketing functions to drive revenue for the organisation.  The program that we created together has had a positive impact on our business development and marketing efforts.”
Anna Towne
Marketing Director Australia, Jones Lang Lasalle

The programme

Face-to-face, virtual (Zoom or Skype) or combined.

Weekly structured conversations for the first month, then continuing as fortnightly for 2-4 months; access to your coach in between

  1. We work towards specific outcomes that you define and focus on achieving observable, measurable success.
  2. This is action-oriented and requires your commitment. We’ll agree useful and practical next steps between conversations (no theory here please).
  3. We offer optional leader assessment tools that can be used before and after to benchmark improvement and suggest priorities for development.

Let us help you develop your growth mindset and translate it into leadership results.

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