Here at Roundtable Consulting, our clients are diverse – but have one thing in common: they achieve great results with us. 

Our clients say it best. See what they say about what they’ve achieved and how we’ve contributed.

“To deliver on a high performance culture mandate, it was essential we brought in an external consultant to facilitate skill development for our senior leaders and managers.

Jennifer was very aligned with our objectives and definition of high performance culture from the outset. The development of a training process and its delivery was excellent. This initiative was highly worthwhile, has already begun to deliver value and will clearly be instrumental to our ability to successfully deliver on our high performance culture vision. ”
Nathan Blackburne
Managing Director, Cedar Woods Properties Limited
“Jennifer’s advice and support has been integral to the successful roll out the Cornerstone on line performance management system. She is the ultimate professional, who listens and takes the time to understand the organisational context and how the system can best integrate and support the achievement of business strategy. Our regular progress meetings have been both informative and insightful and provided the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the project current status and goals. Highly recommended. ”
Isabella Galati
Manager, People & Culture, Harness Racing Victoria
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jennifer over the last two years while at Cornerstone, Jennifer is our premier implementation partner for SMB and our clients rave about her. Jennifer is fantastic to work with and is a team player, is loyal and ethical as well as passionate and committed. Your clients are in very safe hands with Jennifer. ”
Vanessa Mctavish
Sales Director, Smb Asiapacific & Japan, Cornerstone Ondemand
“I have to say I am finding you, your company and the software a breath of fresh air. I had a failed implementation of a retail point of sale system recently – and you, your company and software are doing everything they did not!!! ”
Paula Lynch
Owner, Paulas Furniture
“Thank you, Jennifer. Excellent overview of the way that strategy development is normally done, with zeroing in on specific/most-impactful aspects and giving practical tools to help with each of those aspects.”
Miranda Sowden
Hr Manager, Starpharma
“(The Masterclass) gave me the skills to adapt strategic thinking into my everyday problems and then align HR strategies with company strategies. I found Jennifer very helpful and professional. ”
Strategy For Hr Masterclass Participant, Sydney
“We engaged Jennifer to support us with the implementation of our preferred online performance management system. Jennifer provided excellent consultancy support both at the strategic and operational level ensuring we were well equipped to launch the system. She is very knowledgeable and provides pragmatic solutions in a personable manner. I would have no hesitations in recommending Jennifer for future projects. ”
Ilker Uysal
Hr Manager, Cedar Woods Properties Limited
“As our (the Citadel Group) implementation for the Performance Module is coming to a close I thought I would take this opportunity to provide some feedback on what a delight it has been to work with Jennifer as my implementation consultant.

Jennifer made the whole process very stress-free combining her wonderful coaching style with no question is too small or big to answer. I appreciated alternate options on how we can make the system hum from a user perspective and how best to cater for the needs of the company. I have learnt so much and have appreciated her patience whilst awaiting for the penny to drop so that I understood what was needed and how the system works. I would recommended her to anyone and she is makes a great contribution to the reputation of the Cornerstone GE product and services.”
Sonja Butcher
CGL Workforce Manager, CGL Shared Services, The Citadel Group Limited
“So far, it’s about the support we’ve been given. I cannot praise Jennifer enough. As the consultant allocated to us to help us through implementation, I have found her to be one of the best I’ve come across. (If anything, my fear is that I may not receive the same patience and understanding and knowledge if I call the support centre but my fear is unfounded at this stage!”)
Helen Louca
Executive Manager, Human Resources, Arab Bank
“I just spoke with Byron Steyn at APP Industries and he’s extremely happy with our service so far. He mentioned everything has run smoothly and Miranda has given positive feedback to him as well.”
David Stuto
Smb Regional Sales Manager, Cornerstone Ondemand
“Working with Roundtable Consulting has meant that we now have a clear strategy for the Asia Pacific business of where we are headed and how we will get there. My leadership team is extremely committed to this journey, our employees are engaged and the process has helped to bring about a significant shift in culture and performance. When I came on board to head the region nearly 18 months ago, the business was struggling to establish itself.

Working with Jennifer we devised a new vision and established growth targets. One of our key challenging ambitions is to become ‘the most sought after and desirable place to work in Informatica.’ From where we were I could see that this would be a real test of whether we could achieve significant transformation. I can now see this clearly beginning to occur as employees in other regions proactively seek us out for the first time. Our business has grown dramatically despite the global economic conditions.

Without Jennifer/Roundtable I still would have ensured we developed and documented a strategy to succeed. However I believe it would have taken us much longer to get there, likely been less comprehensive and probably cost more in lost time and wasted effort. The tenacity and guidance of Jennifer/Roundtable kept us on track through the process and past the low inertia points. In a short timeframe we have achieved a widely adopted and comprehensive strategy that has unified the team. If you want to accelerate the growth and performance of your business, I can strongly recommend you speak to Jennifer and Roundtable Consulting Partners. ”
Graham Sowden
Senior Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific, Informatica
“Over the last ten years I’ve worked with Jennifer Smokevitch 3 times to build some very strong plans and some very successful businesses.

I highly recommend Jennifer – she brings a strong process, great experience, and a style that really helps to get the best out of the management team and get their ownership into the plan. I strongly recommend Jennifer Smokevitch. ”
Rob Wells
Managing Director, Business Objects, Australia/ New Zealand
“I also wanted to personally thank you for all of your help with A Noble & Son. I received an email from Ryan yesterday sharing feedback from the client about their implementation experience and how wonderful it was working with you.

Thank you again for all of your hard work with our clients. You go above and beyond time and time again and we REALLY appreciate it! ”
Brittany Buppert
Account Manager, Cornerstone Ondemand
“Jennifer facilitated our 2008/09 strategic planning sessions.

This included a 5 hour Board planning session that produced a high level of engagement from all participants and intense debate. To round off the session, Jennifer skillfully assembled a strategy map in “real” time that pulled together the key issues that had emerged during the session.

This strategy map received overwhelming support from the Board members as a foundation for our strategic roadmap for the next 3-5 years. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jennifer in future for a similar high level strategic planning exercise. ”
John Mclean
Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Mcdonald Lawyers
“Today’s meeting was really very good and I thought it took us to the next level of our succession planning. Thank you again for your invaluable advice and knowledge.”
Rob Willet
Joint Managing Director, One For All Pty Ltd.
“Roundtable Consulting added strategic advice on how we could better align our sales and marketing functions to drive revenue for the organisation.

The program that we created together has had a positive impact on our business development and marketing efforts. ”
Anna Town
Marketing Director, Australia, Jones Lang Lasalle
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Smokevitch over the last several years on a variety of projects which have helped us focus our business goals, set related strategy and execute with impact.

Jennifer is holistic in her approach and has quickly seen through the complexities of our business to identify and pin-point key issues and solutions. She has facilitated constructive team discussions, gaining commitment and follow-through. I know I can call on Jennifer to contribute insight and perspective that is valuable to our business. ”
Andrew Barkla
Vice President And Managing Director, Unisys Asia Pacific
“In my previous role as Managing Director of Cedar Enterprises Pty. Ltd. you played a vital role in helping me to focus my attention and the attention of my Management Team on a new strategic direction.

Your facilitation process of both our Company Planning Meeting and the subsequent Management Team Meeting was excellent in achieving this outcome. Your role in these workshops provided us with the structure and guidance to confront the important business issues and develop a shared understanding of how best to move our business forward rapidly.

It was a pleasure to have worked with you previously; I look forward to working with you again in the future. ”
Chris Pennington
General Manager, Intelligent Business Solutions
“The purpose of my email is to express my deepest gratitude to you. What you have done for our business, with our business, and equally for Dave and I personally, over the past 4 years, is beyond measure. You have helped turn One For All in to the most professional creative services business in Australia. Your enthusiasm, your professionalism, and your willingness to challenge us have helped us leap ahead to a point we never thought we could be.

But what impresses me most of all is your knowledge of our business. You have made it your business to delve into ours, to challenge us (even when we might not like hearing it ) to how we all think and work and play, it has been an inspiration to me personally and has made me realise this is what we have to do with our clients to be a successful operation.

We have enjoyed working with you for the past 4 years and we look forward to working with you in the future as we evolve in to whatever it is we evolve into. That’s the excitement of it all and it’s very much a part of what keeps me going. Thank you and all the best. ”
Rob Willett
Co-founder & Joint Managing Director, One For All Pty Ltd
“I have just finished reading the report in preparation of the CMO dinner tonight. I am so proud of everything this team of people has achieved as the executive team for APSMA over the past 2 years, but reading this report just highlights how genuinely spoilt APSMA is to have all of you so committed to making something a success.

So whilst I have been eating and drinking my way around Italy and France, you have all pulled together an outstanding report – we can all be very proud of this piece of work. From the concept of this research through to delivering the results I always knew that it would be a landmark study that will be welcomed by marketers and BD professionals everywhere – we did good!!!”
Cat Wirth
Chair Of Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Assn And Director, Clients & Marketing, Dla Phillips Fox
“Great presentation last night – clear, concise and insightful. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading the report.”
Mike Godrich
Director Of Business Development, Freehills
“Jennifer Smokevitch proved to be one of the outstanding presenters for APSMA Melbourne’s seminar series over the past 12 months. I spent considerable time working with Jennifer on our workshop’s planning and content, and was very impressed with her focus on ‘getting it right’ for our members across all aspects of the event.

On the day, she provided some excellent and very relevant content, based on the detailed survey she had completed for APSMA in the preceding months. She also posed some thought provoking questions to the audience and added an energy and enthusiasm to the event that we greatly appreciated. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her for similar events commissioned by similar bodies – the result will add real value to your operations and your member’s perceptions of their individual success in their chosen industry.”
David Lennane
Board Member, Asia-pacific Professional Services Marketing Association
“I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic OFA conference. I know there was alot of upfront work on your behalf to ensure we all got the most out of our time at Hervey Bay so I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it and had a great time.

Rob and Dave are very fortunate to have found someone like yourself to aid them in their business growth. Thanks again. ”
Jill Jarvis
One For All Pty Ltd.
“We gained far more value by going through the process with Roundtable than simply achieving a final outcome”
Ian Mcdonald
Chief Financial Officer, Hospital Contributions Fund (Hcf)
“Very interactive and you made the audience really think about the questions and respond accordingly. I think more seminars should be like this!”
Seminar Attendee
Professional Services
“It was a pleasure. As I have already mentioned to you, I think this is a thought provoking piece of research that should encourage everyone involved in professional firms to aim even higher”
David Pleydell
Director Of Marketing & Business Development, Arnold Bloch Leibler
“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your session with our team. I could see that it was making a number of us think outside the box and led to some really great discussions in the afternoon. Thank you for your efforts and your expertise.”
Melissa Dobric
Marketing & Communications, Aurecon
“Thanks so much for your time this morning – the feedback I’ve received (4 phone calls today!) has been very positive and everyone is really excited by what the research suggests and offers. In particular, I’ve had two people comment on how they really thought the use of the technology was effective, but they also liked the interaction with the live panel – best of both worlds really!

Thanks once again for all your time and effort – it really did help to make the event! ”
Jo Casey
Knowledge & Innovation Manager, Minter Ellison Lawyers
“I would just like to say thank you to you both for the seminar presentation at our offices in Melbourne last week.

The whole exercise has certainly been a significant initiative for IBISWorld to be involved and have had some great feedback from our clients following the presentation.

This was a nice touch point and a great way to align APSMA, Roundtable and IBISWorld.

We look forward to working with APSMA on future initiatives as they arise. ”
James Karklins
Manager, Ibis World Pty Ltd
“Really enjoyed your session at EY yesterday morning – as a BD professional working hard not only to win work but also to change behaviours, it was great to hear that these are certainly considered areas that BD & Marketing are seen to add value!”
Lizzie Elston
Senior Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you formally for your assistance with interviewing prospective students. We understand your many time constraints, and we deeply appreciate you taking the time to reach out and share your MBA experience with others. Indeed, your support of the admissions function has a tremendous impact on the future of the Darden School.

We thank you again for your superb efforts and we’ve enclosed a small token of our appreciation. Moreover, we commend your tireless dedication and look forward to working with you in coming years. ”
Robert M. Conroy
Associate Dean For Mba Education, Darden Graduate School Of Business Administraion, University Of Virginia
“Jennifer’s coaching has provided invaluable assistance in setting up my new business. Her focused approach has helped me quickly define and clarify the direction of the business. Her experience and insight sparked new innovative ideas. She is a great listener and a visionary problem solver who really energized me to tackle even the hardest problems.”
Anne Linneman
Owner, Brand Strategy Consultants
“On behalf of APSMA and SQA, thank you indeed for your time and effort in respect of the presentation last night. As I said in closing, it was comprehensive, authoritative and well received.”
Rocco Muller
Apsma Nsw Chair
“Many thanks for your great presentation which was very well received by the group. I was most impressed by the way you made a relatively complex and potentially dry topic into an interesting, informative and relatively simple one.”
Syndicate Chair
CEO Institute
“Jennifer Smokevitch has worked on a number of projects with me. In all cases my clients have been very pleased with the outcomes. This is in no small part attributable to Jennifer’s absolute professionalism, knowledge and communication skills. I look forward to continuing to work with Jennifer as I know my clients are in very safe hands.”
Janelle Wallace
Managing Director, Ops Asia Pacific
“Many thanks for your great presentation which was very well received by the group. I was most impressed by the way you made a relatively complex and potentially dry topic into an interesting, informative and relatively simple one.”
Syndicate Chair
CEO Institute
“In addition to the important insight we’ve gained about our clients and the effectiveness of our relationship with them, the recommendations have been very valuable to our strategic planning and have prompted several initiatives that have made substantial improvement to our business.

The consulting team exceeded our expectations with the quality of their work, and the way they handle the sometimes sensitive nature of working directly with our clients. What’s more, our clients have been impressed with both our proactive initiative in commissioning these reviews, and the professionalism in how they were conducted. ”
Karl Schuster
President Asia Pacific, Carlson Marketing Group
“As a management team we are now able to clearly communicate a shared sense of purpose.”
Andrew Barkla
Asia Pacific Vice President, Peoplesoft
“Jennifer provided invaluable assistance to get our people focused on the future and where the organisation was headed.”
Ian Martin
Ceo, Bt Financial Group