What does connecting people with common purpose look like?

It’s about these business critical results

  • clear, compelling direction and strategy that is widely embraced and creates focus and business growth
  • aligned teams and people, focused on the customer, results and longer term aspirations
  • top leaders are unified and galvanised around a common direction, creating action and results
  • managers at all levels are not just managing but also leading – with the essential skills to develop engaged and striving teams and people
  • new technology delivering what it promises by getting managers ready with the right skills
  • a committed, accountable and values-driven workforce
Results Testimonials
“we have achieved a widely adopted, comprehensive strategy that has unified the team…our business has grown dramatically despite the global economic conditions.”
Graham Sowden
“getting our people focused on the future and where the organisation was headed…”
Ian Martin
BT Financial Group
“helped turn us into the most professional creative services business in Australia…and leap ahead to a point we never thought we could be.”
Rob Willett
One For All
“substantial improvements to our business and how to be more effective in our client relationships.”
Carlson Marketing Worldwide
“Winning industry awards for client service.”
BT Financial Group
“get the best out of your management team and their ownership into the plan.”
Rob Wells
Business Objects
“this was highly worthwhile and has already begun to deliver value and will clearly be instrumental to our ability to successfully deliver on our high performance culture vision.”
“without this initiative, the implementation would have failed”
Nathan Blackburn
Cedar Woods Properties
“85% of the staff felt so positive about their improved workplace that they voted it the ‘Best place to work,’ receiving the top award”
BT Financial Group NZ

“We gained far more value than simply achieving a final outcome” – Ian McDonald, CFO, HCF

  • Speed and pace: results can be accelerated and emerge quickly when your team come together around a smart process.
  • Leverage: you have the needed knowledge, talent and capability right now that you can access, develop and re-focus with the right guidance
  • Durability: effective knowledge transfer of new skills, process and structure transforms a ‘result’ into on-going success and high performance