Roundtable Consulting equips you to develop the people and team capabilities to grow a thriving company

As our name suggests, we believe that every member of the organisation must be involved and engaged in the business vision for change and growth to occur.

Inspired by the legendary round table of King Arthur, our name reflects our belief that long-term results are best achieved by active collaboration in the pursuit of common goals. In partnership with you and your team, we bring everyone together to agree on and resolve the issues at hand through a creative thinking process and focus on common purpose.

A simple notion….it’s about your people helping you to create and implement the right focus, skills and tools to produce remarkable results.

Bringing to the table a unique combination of strategic and general management expertise, plus the nous of how to equip and develop your teams so they can deliver results. Because your strategy gets put into action…by people and teams. Through your people. Helping them access and develop the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and values to create results and high performance.  We can equip your leaders and managers to do this.

Working at the intersection of strategy and HR – this is our unique expertise and the value we bring to you.

Connecting your people with your purpose – begins with expertise and understanding in both. We see it as a whole, not just a sum of the parts. 

About Testimonial Slider
“What you have done for our business, with our business is beyond measure…. You have made it your business to delve into ours, to challenge us (even when we might not like hearing it ) to how we all think and work and play, it has been an inspiration to me personally…”
Rob Willett
Co-Founder, One For All P/L
“She is a visionary problem solver who really energized me to tackle even the hardest problems.”
A. Linneman
Director & Owner

For over two decades and across five continents, the hallmarks of our value:

  • Collaborative and co-creating with you – you know your business better than anyone.  We build on that, infusing your organisation with new and complimentary knowledge, skills and approaches
  • There are cookies but no cookie cutter – we understand the recipe for success and join you on your journey, where ever that begins
  • Right sized projects – whether a single coaching session or a more comprehensive project.By phone, Zoom or face-to-face. We use the format that adds-value, suited to your needs.
  • Knowledge transfer – our aim is to not only leave you and your organisation better off, but also self-sufficient and able to independently sustain success.

We love what we do and we’d love to explore working with you

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