Just you, rather than with the team. 

This may be more effective and what the situation requires. 

We get that.

We work to objectives you define over a series of confidential conversations

  • Understand the situation by exploring it together. 
  • Gain new perspective and challenge assumptions.
  • Expand leadership skills and knowledge (yes, even at the most senior executive level) as you reflect and devise solutions

Frequency tends to be fortnightly or monthly, over a few months or longer.  The format can be face-to-face or remote using technology.

Getting Started option – strategic meeting. You may prefer an initial strategic meeting to deep dive into a topic and experience our partnership first.  We suggest a 2 hour face-to-face Zoom work session.  An agenda is established prior and documentation of outcomes provided afterwards.

Forward Plan option – work a strategic agenda over time. Ready to roll up your sleeves with us? Together we will create an agenda of your priorities for the coming year. In fortnightly or monthly meetings, we’ll advise and discuss your progress. An ideal approach for existing clients to continue progress of our prior work, we can advise you in on-going implementation and change management. 

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