This is not your traditional strategy process.

It’s fast-paced, energizing and pulls the best thinking from your senior leaders. 

The pace of business and competition today needs a fresh and relevant approach to strategy, one that can keep up with you and your customers and not feel old by the time it’s completed.  Our approach clarifies ideas quickly and puts them into action immediately.  This is what our accelerated process will deliver and teach you to do.

Put progress into action the next day. We’ve been helping our clients do this for 2 decades, so we’ve honed a well practiced approach.

  1. Prepare very well.  To use your valuable time together extremely effectively. This starts with engaging and communicating with your team. Developing a framework well suited to your unique situation and leadership objectives.  Stakeholder interviews and gather input  Additional customer feedback or research is often requested and strongly recommended.
  2. You will not begin with a blank page.  Your preparation generates useful information that we’ll organize and structure so you see your business differently than before, with additional insight and clarity.  Using your unique framework, you’ll begin with some initial ideas that you and your team will develop into a vivid plan.
  3. Working workshop – a highly participative, hands-on and transformational 1-3 days with your team.  You’ll be ready to channel the ingenuity of the full team to develop the strategy and plan you will actually use.  You bring knowledge and experience.  Couple this with our unique facilitation process and coaching and…voila!
  4. Useful documentation – much more than tactical, it’s the visual representation of your effort, thinking and strategy.  We document this picture into useful templates for on-going reference and communication. Doing this well has a big impact  on your learning and roll out success.
  5. Know how to action your strategy.  We come back together to review outcomes, plan how you’ll take the strategy forward and continue to review progress.  You’ll know how to keep your strategy growing and dynamic.

You and your team will complete the process highly engaged, inspired and ready to hit the ground running.   We have options for continuing to review and track actions of your strategic plan if you would like grow this area of your leadership expertise.

Jennifer limits her senior strategic work to a handful of clients each year to ensure the highest-level outcomes.

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